Madame Rosalie offers many different ways to tribute, serve and access content.
If you are seeking something not listed, contact with a tribute attached.


A monthly subscription service where you receive immediate access to all my previously posted private content including sexy snaps, fun selfies and teasing videos, as well as professionally recorded content for less than £1 per day.

Each month that you are subscribed you can also access open messaging with me directly!

My fans periodically receive discounts towards my other available services.*


I'm now offering the option to serve with tiered rewards available. You can even use PayPal! There are options available to suit everyone starting from £1.50/day


If you would enjoy access to my more private, fetish-related or explicit content; I have various options available for purchase. More content is always being created, so check back often. If you are looking for something entirely different, you can always commission a Custom Video / Photo Set.



Do you have your heart and mind set on creating your very own personalised content? Let me bring your erotic dreams to life with a custom order. I love working with new and unique fetishes and creative minds. Choose your Style, Length/Quantity, your Payment Method and Add Ons before sending me your idea.