I'm Rosalie, I'm a 22 year old professional female dominatrix from Ireland 🇮🇪 and I'm currently living across the pond in sunny (and crazy) Miami. 

Now, you're probably scratching your head for the lack of flaming red hair and startling blue eyes..but my dark features come from my parents who are Cuban and Georgian. 🇨🇺 🇬🇪 I will be bold and dare say that not many Cuban/Georgian descendants can dominate you as Gaeilge*winky winky face* 

Welcome to my website! If you're here it's because you probably already know a little bit about me, maybe mostly the fact that I absolutely love showing off in sexy, ~wild~content and your input is exactly what makes it a fun experience. I love being able to breathe life into new ideas, and with your help I can keep my posts coming on a regular basis.

Here you will find options for viewing all of my readily available online content as well as the opportunity to have me create custom photos and videos starring yours truly. I have many different options for you to choose from including outfits, lingerie, scenarios and locations. You can also access the different accounts I have across social media if you'd like to get a little bit personal. If you want the sexier side you can find my exclusive "subscribers - only"  websites where you can support me any way you desire.

If you need to contact me please make sure to read the Terms and Conditions page first to see if any of your questions have been already answered. I'll gladly respond to any serious inquiries via email:

- Rosa x

Rosa Verteinformation