I offer a range of satisfying options to quench your thirst.
Feel free to contact me if you seek something that is not listed here.



I'm now offering the option to support my passion with any amount you like. By signing up to my monthly reward tiers you can set your own options and choose exactly what you want to enjoy every month. You can even use PayPal! There are options available to suit everyone starting from $1


Is there any greater pleasure than serving someone like Me? Kinks and limits TBD prior to beginning an arrangement. Findom is high on priority list. Apply using this link and make sure to email me with a cover letter and reasons why I should choose you.

premium subscription - onlyfans 

A monthly subscription service where you receive immediate access to all my previously posted private content including sexy snaps, fun selfies and teasing videos. This subscription service comes with a discounted Snapchat pass exclusive to my OnlyFans followers. Each month that you are subscribed you will also have the option to vote on the theme for my monthly photo set. My fans periodically receive discounts towards my other available services.*


Think of this as getting a 'backstage pass' into my life. You get to see me makeup-free, and sometimes even Snapchat filter free. I share a mixture of teasing, casual, sexy, funny and sometimes even emotional snaps all on a private story.  I take requests for what to post on my story, and you have the option to send me messages too! Feel free to send me a morning photo, a pic of your cat (or doggo.. or snek..) or a video of your co-worker falling down the stairs. I like to get personal, and don't mind if you do too. Just remember that I don't always respond, and this is not a messaging service. (I do offer those too!)

Note: This secret story is part of My Public Account, but only those I add to my private story can view it.


If you would enjoy access to my more private, fetish-related or explicit content; I have various options available for purchase. More content is always being created, so check back often. If you are looking for something entirely different, you can always commission a Custom Video / Photo Set.


Do you have your heart and mind set on creating your very own personalised content? Let me bring your erotic dreams to life with a custom order. I love working with new and unique fetishes and creative minds. Choose your Style, Length/Quantity, your Payment Method and Add Ons before sending me your idea.  



Would you like to set some time aside to 'kik' back and relax with me? I would love to spend time with you in a 1-on-1 session over Kik. I love to roleplay and would have a lot of fun acting out your biggest fantasy. It's an erotic desire of mine to fulfill as many fantasies as I can, and I can try new things through kinky and creative ideas from you. Schedule in advance for the next 2 weeks.



I offer the possibility of spending more time with me one-on-one in the form of "Girlfriend Experiences" where we can get to know each-other better and have fun in the process. These arrangements are a step-up from Kik sessions which end up being pretty short, and to-the-point. The point of a Girlfriend Experience is to learn more about each-other, converse, and share content. If you want to get to know me better, you might like one of the options available.