I do not offer any escorting services. This is non-negotiable. Do not offer me X amount for it as I will never accept. If you bug me about this I will block your messages without explanation.

I will not tolerate rudeness under any circumstances. If you make me uncomfortable I will bring it to your attention and reserve the right to end your session/purchase and/or block your account from contacting me without further notice if you should continue to make me uncomfortable.

I generally do not show my full face in my content unless stated otherwise. There is the option of mask use. Full face content is 2.5x more where applicable.

Premium fees will be charged for commercial use of my content

There will be a $15 re-send penalty for including a memo.

Payment must clear to my bank before I add you on other platforms. If we are discussing a session or show over Kik or Skype we will not begin until payment clears to my bank. This includes Bitcoin which requires 6 confirmations to begin.

 I do not accept Amazon, Venmo or paypal for payment. I accept Amazon giftcards as GIFTS ONLY.

Timewasters will be blocked. In order to have the block removed there will be a $50 fee imposed

Content must not be saved, shared or distributed without my express written consent. I own all rights to any content purchased, posted and/or created by me. Unless you purchase exclusivity I may resell or display content at any time.

I am not submissive in any way.

If you miss our scheduled session time and cannot complete it for whatever reason you agree to forfeit your payment. If you are not available when payment clears you agree to forfeit your payment. If I try to reschedule and you make the delay seem like it’s my fault you agree to forfeit your payment.

Paying over the amount discussed will be accepted as a tip.

No refunds. under any circumstances.

Cashing you out in the form of premade content is entirely up to me and you are not entitled to this. If you bug me about this when I tell you my terms and conditions and make me uncomfortable I will block you without further explanation.

T&Cs apply and are subject to change at any time.